Please feel free to save any of the following artwork as long as it is for personal use only.
All artwork is watermarked and should not be distributed or sold without explicit permission from the author.
All artwork is copyrighted property of it's respective owners.

"A" -1998
Danny Covell
A ~54KB


reated entirely in Photoshop 4.0, and used as the official logo for Armageddon Media / Art.
"Dream Portal" -1998
Danny Covell
Dream Portal ~56KB


ne of my favorite works done entirely with Photoshop 4.0 and KPT 3.0
"Hells Vortex" -1998
Danny Covell
Hells Vortex `43KB


n interesting twist of light created with Photoshop 4.0 and KPT 3.0.
"Fiery Eye" -1998
Danny Covell


Fire, Polar coordinates, and a touch of eye, is all you need to give you that burning eye look.
"Dream Catcher" -1998
Danny Covell


Starts with a picture of a dream catcher and with a bit of light and shadow you get a great picture!
"In the Mean Time" -1998
Danny Covell


In the Mean Time, mean being the middle... Flip this photo and you can have a night scene or a day scene. An unusual photo that my uncle took a longgggg time ago that I accidentally placed it in the slide scanner upside down, when I figured out that it was upside down, wow! Anyway the photo was touched up in Photoshop 4.0 where the sky was made darker.
"Warped World" -1998
Danny Covell
Warped World ~56KB


pinched grid, a touch of terra-firma, and you get a warped planet. Trees and water done in Painter 4 the rest was done in Photoshop 4.0
"Fractal Bay" -1998
Danny Covell
Fractal Bay ~72KB


laying with a fractal program, I came across this scene. I added a watery/icy look to it with Photoshop 4.0 filters.
"Tree" -1999
Danny Covell


First I rendered a tree in Bryce 3D on a gray background, then I created a sky in Photoshop 4, swirled it around a bit, and last and most certainly least, I added some texture and light to the tree.
"Red, White, and Blue " -1999
Danny Covell


This one was quick and simple. I felt somewhat patriotic at the time and decided to play with the gradient tool, the rest is self explanatory.
"Wave" -1999
Danny Covell


Playing around at lunch on my computer at work, I was playing with a game that messes up the desktop, then I took a screen shot and twirled it and did a lens flare with some opacity settings.
"Trip" -2000
Daniel Bevis


This "trippy" picture was submitted by a Armageddon Media and a Spare Change fan from Santee. Photoshop 4 ,Eye Candy, and Xenofex were used to create this colorful, druged image that fits perfectly in this gallery.