Welcome to Armageddon Media, haven't updated this site in YEARS now but I keep it up because it is sentimental to me. So feel free to browse around but please know that I do not update or maintain this site any more.




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12-3-2003- I have finally officially retired Armageddon Media...

3-14-2000- I have recived a submission from a fan of Armageddon Media. See Daniel Bevis's "Trippy" artwork in the Gallery area.

1-30-2000- Well the new year is here and gone, and I have been very busy with other projects, such as recording. I have finished a flash intro for a local San Diego band called Spare Change. You can check out the flash intro here.
Also I have stated working on the Digital Dreamers project, so please stayed tuned and check back for more music and information.

12-27-1999- We hope you had a great Christmas, as we did. I have moved my pages to another host. I apologize for the disruption in service but the last company I hosted with gave me problems. More graphics coming soon and I am starting to work on my portfolio in FLASH!

11-25-99- Armageddon Records debuts. The page is still under construction, but as this is a side project, it may be a slow start. Please stay tuned and watch us grow.

10-23-99- I have finished some recording for Trite and have a sample MP3 from there soon to be first CD. This is a demo but sounds really good, so go check it out.

9-10-99- The Armageddon Sound page is up now and has info about my equipment and some sample work.

9-4-99- I can record NOW! I just finished putting my studio together, and it's lots of work! I am working on some recordings right now for Trite. As soon as they are done they will be posted in there MP3 section.
I will also be working on the Armageddon Sound page as well to show you my studio and keep you updated on projects.

8-5-1999- Time for Vacation. WOW I love the outdoors! I will be gone for a week and when I get back I will finish working on the "images" section. Tons of FREE stuff.

7-26-1999- Wow! It's been over a month, but I am updating this page again. I just got a new computer and that has taken up a lot of my time. My new computer is super fast, so now I can get my work done in a tenth of the time.